Sticky: Seriously simple notifications for jQuery

Download from Github

Sticky is just a little guy. About 3.1k in total for the full and only 1.4k for the minified version.

Here's some basic examples of implementing notifications with Sticky. By default, a Sticky opens in the top right corner of the window. You'll also notice that duplicates are allowed, although you can disable duplicate messages within the settings.

Plain note, all default options

$.sticky('I am a plain text note. Nothing special about me.');

Plain note, default options, html content

$.sticky('Greetings. I am an HTML note.');

Plain note, default options, custom callback function

$.sticky('I am a plain text note. I'll tell you good job!.', callback);

Overriding classList and speed

$.sticky('Upload complete', {classList: 'success', speed: 'slow'});

Opening a note top, center

$.sticky('Clever message', {position: 'top-center'});

Opening a note bottom, center

$.sticky('Clever message', {position: 'bottom-center'});

Overriding classList with warning class.

$.sticky('Careful, there be dragons ahead', {classList: 'warning'});

Overriding classList, making note stay open.

$.sticky('I give up, it just won't work.', {classList: 'important', autoclose: 0});

Overriding classList, allowing no duplicates.

$.sticky('I just wanted you to know', {classList: 'info', allowdupes: false});


As you can see above, a bit of JSON will be returned with some potentially pertinent information.