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Jaime and I usually DVR shows so that we don't have to deal with commercials. But since quite a few people at work also watch it, we're going to have to watch it the same night it airs so that I don't hear any spoilers. My plan is to pseudo live-blog while I'm watching so that I can take notes of sort. This will give me a journal of sorts to go back and look at as the season progresses. So without further ado, here's my stream of consciousness notes on 24.

Be warned...spoilers ahead.

  • Who;s the guy who got tboned? What happened to his daughter?
  • Hey look! It's Red, and he's a Senator! He sure seems pissed off at Jack. Jack gets pulled out of the Senate hearing by a pair of unnamed agents.
  • We find out that the man from the first scenario is named Michael Latham and was the chief engineer on homeland securitys CIP firewall.
  • Looks like the bad guys are going after an airplane. It also looks like the chief bad guy in this first episode is revealed as none other than Tony Almeida!
  • It's our old friend General Juma from the 24 two hour movie. From the looks of it, he's killed more people since we saw him last.
  • The president lost a son? Surely it can't be the same son from the movie?
  • Tony's group appears to be trying to take control of one or more airplanes, as well as tapping into or taking over FAA air traffic controllers.
  • The president meets with the Joint Chiefs of Staff to discuss plans to invade Sangala, Juma's country.
  • The president's husband gets a phone call from a private detective who tells him that he has information about their son's death. Sure thing, it appears to be the same son we saw in the movie. The son's girlfriend received a lump sum in an offshore bank account to the tune of around $400k. Suspicious? The private detective seems to think so.
  • Jack is helping to track down the people behind this. Gabriel Shecter (the guy from Braveheart with the scar on his face) is the first guy we go after.
  • Has anyone else noticed that the sound is REALLY off? The quiet parts are super quiet, while the loud parts are super loud.
  • Jack and Agent Walker go after Shecter, who used to work for the Treasury Department. Damn...as they're questioning Shecter, the man gets shot, right in his own apartment, by a sniper in a building across the street. Jack then gets a call on Shecter's line from Tony. The sniper is trapped in the building by FBI agents.
  • The communications of an airplane on approach are taken over by Tony who tells his man "get ready to make a course change". Tony is asked "are you taking this all the way" to which he replies "you just need to do exactly as I say."
  • Scene shifts back to Agent Walker and Jack who accuses someone in Walker's office of being involved in the shooting of Shecter.
  • Tony's group freezes the screens of the traffic controllers, then directs one flight into the path of another. Just seconds before collision, Tony tells the pilot to pull up. He then phones the senior FAA official and informs them that the next time won't be a demo.
  • Someone new comes into Tony's control room, appears to be someone above Tony. We don't get his name.
  • President Taylor meets with the president of Sangala. She requests that when Juma is captured, then try him in a court of law rather than let the mob kill him.
  • The sniper is trapped in the basement of the building. He calls Tony and lets him know that he doesn't think that he can escape from the agents sweeping the premises. An FBI agent helps the sniper escape by giving him an FBI vest, telling the sniper "Tony sent me to help you get out." The sniper walks out of the building but is noticed by Jack. Bauer and Walker pursue the sniper alone.
  • The Sangalese Major whose brother was killed in the movie shows up at Tony's headquarters to purchase the hardware allowing access to the CIP firewall.
  • While President Taylor is being briefed by her subordinates on the severity of the threat against the U.S., her chief of staff is called by the secret service agent assigned to the President's husband who is on his way to meet the private detective.
  • Walker and Bauer continue to follow the sniper, while Walker evades questions from her superior about her whereabouts and activities. Her superior gets an analyst to triangulate her position.
  • The President's husband questions Roger's girlfriend Sam. He confronts her with the bank account information and she gives him a story about the money being her Aunts.
  • Back to the sniper and Tony who confirms to us that there IS a man inside the FBI working with them. The sniper leads Bauer and Walker to a ship at a nearby dock. Jack jumps the sniper and knocks him unconscious. They then continue onto a boat. Walker finds a laptop whose files are in the process of being deleted, while Jack has an encounter with, and captures, Tony.
  • Episode ends.

All in all a good start to the season I think. I've always liked Tony and it'll be good to see him back. I think there's more to this "Tony as a bad guy" than meets the eye. I also like Agent Walker...she seems top notch.

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