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When last we left Jack, he and Agent Walker had just captured Tony Almeida. And yes, I know that this is a week overdue. This week has been super busy. Sue me. :)

Be warned...spoilers ahead.

  • The president gets a call from Dubaku, "the butcher of Sangala", who demands the withdrawal of American troops from his country or he'll use the CIP module to "interfere" with the American's communications. She orders her staff to make sure they find out what Almeida knows.
  • Jack and Walker inform her boss that there's a leak in the FBI.
  • They prep Tony for interrogation, and Jeaninne is really nice to Tony. He looks nonplussed.
  • Back to the bad guy's headquarters...they debate whether or not to use their assets inside the FBI to free Tony, they decide not to for now. When told that American forces haven't started their withdrawl Dubaku wants to use the module right away.
  • Jack gest the FBI to let him interrogate Tony, this could go badly. Tony tells Jack that he's just working for money at this point because the US government took everything else away from him. Jack nearly strangles TOny at which point Tony whispers "Deep Sky" to Jack who apparently recognizes this as an old CTU emergency code. THis is the clue too call a number and provide the code. The person on the other end ends up being Bill Buchanan. In addition to Bil, we're reunited with Chloe who's working with Bill.
  • The president's Chief of Staff reveals to her husband Henry that their son killed himself because he was going to be investigated by the SEC for insider trading.
  • The president is left with a tough choice...withdraw troops and let thousands of Sangalans die, or leave troops in place and risk thousands of American lives.
  • Chloe sets up a secure line to Jack so that Bill can reveal to Jack that Tony is working under deep cover. Also that people inside the President's cabinet are working with Dubaku. Bill asks Jack to help him break Tony out of the FBI so that Tony can back under cover.
  • The man (Sean?) working with Jeannine appears to be trying to break through the security lockdown.
  • Henry Walker receives a call from Samantha who informs the president's husband that his son actually WAS murdered. (make up your minds people!).
  • Tony's interrogation continues with Walker and her boss. Tony refuses to break and continues to tell them to give in to Dubaku's demands. Walker wants to use additional methods to convince him to spill his guts.
  • Jeannine informs Walker that she's discovered someone trying to hack into the FAA database and goes to the main server room to identify them. It turns out to be her coworker Sean who is hiding in the server room and spins a story that he's been trying to track his wife's flight. Jeannine believes him.
  • Chloe monitors Agent Walker's progress as she comes in to debrief Jack. He knocks her out, steals her credentials, and leaves her in the holding room. Bill is on his way to FBI and prepares to break Tony out.
  • Jack breaks into the interrogation room and holds a guard and Walker's boss at gunpoint. Jack then knocks both of them out. Chloe walks Jack and Tony through the halls of the FBI.
  • Jeannine and Sean determine that someone (Chloe) has broken into the computer systems. They lock Chloe out, discover the downed agents and sounds the alarm. In classic Chloe style, she informs Jack that "someone in the FBI is blocking my every move, and it's really pissing me off." The two men break through the window and get onto the parking garage roof, where Jack and Tony manage a daring maneuver using a car driven off the 3rd floor of the garage. They jump into a van driven by Bill and escape.
  • The sniper is identified, Agent Moss gets a call from the President. The FBI agent has to inform them that Jack and Tony have escaped.
  • Back to the President's tough choice, still no decision but they have less than 2 hours to decide.
  • Jack, Tony, and Bill make it back to their lair which they're calling "CTU". Tony tells Jack that he was approached by a man named Emerson who convinced Tony to join his team. Tony reveals that he actually WAS working for Emerson until they started trying to get the CIP device. Tony couldn't handle that and came to Bill. They're convinced that Dubaku has people inside the government. Jack finds out that the only people involved in this are Chloe, Bill, Tony, and now himself.
  • Chloe sets Tony up on a call to Emerson and claims that Tony got Jack to help him break out in return for helping Jack leave the country to escape jail time as a result of the Senate hearings.
  • Henry Taylor tries to get his SS agent to help him leave the White House to meet Samantha. The agent agrees under pressure from Taylor.
  • Sean receives a call from his wife who is concerned that her plane still hasn't landed. Seems like his story might not have been "a story" after all.
  • The sniper regains consciousness and Jeannine and walker head to the hospital to talk to him.
  • Tony and Jack head out to meet Emerson. When they arrive they take Jack downstairs while Tony talks to Emerson. Emerson informs Tony that they don't want Jack involved and demands that Tony kill Jack. Jack disables the two men holding him and convinces Emerson to accept him as one of their own.
  • Sean impersonates Agent Moss and tries to get the FAA to move his wife's plane to the front of the landing queue. It seems to work.
  • The President meets with the Prime Minister of Sangala who informs her that Juma's troops are advancing on a refugee camp containing over 2000 women and children.
  • Jack and Emerson have a long conversation about why Jack came back. "Because this is my home" is Jack's reason.
  • Emerson and his men (now with Jack) receive a job. Break into a house owned by the State dept. and kidnap the Prime Minister of Sangala.
  • The President's husband arrives at his meeting with Samantha. She reveals to him that someone set up Roger. Accounts traced to a member of the President's administration were set up and used to back the genocide in Sangala. The SS agent watches the meeting with binoculars. What's up with that?
  • Walker and Jeannine arrive at the hospital and meet with the sniper, Tanner. Walker convinces Jeannine to stave off Tanner's lawyers so that she can have some "alone time" with Tanner. She tries to be tough but horrifies herself. She tries to cut off his air supply to convince him to talk. She finally does and finds out that Tanner knows about the plan to kidnap the Sangalase Prime Minister.
  • Moss warns the Prime Minister's security team just as Emerson's men attack. The PM and his family are able to make it into a panic room.
  • Episode ends.

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