Lost: Season 5, Episode 1 and 2

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Lost: Season 5, Episode 1 and 2

Some questions that we have going into the season premiere.

  • What happened to the island?
  • How are they going to find their way back?
  • Why is Sayid working for Ben?
  • Who is Ben?
  • How did Locke's body get back to the mainland?
  • Did they ever find Claire?

Now, without further ado, let's begin. I'd love to hear feedback from anyone reading this post. Do you agree with my observations? Have some of your own? Let me know in the comments.

Be warned, spoilers ahead.

  • A baby cries...is that Sun in the bed? Who's holding the baby?
  • We see the "other's village", and it appears that we're back in time.' Dr. Marvin Candle is filming a video for Station Two: The Arrow. He is interrupted by a man who claims that "there's a problem." While they're excavating the station, they find something hidden behind a solid wall of rock. It's the wheel that Ben turned in the final episodes of Season 4.
  • We see Daniel Faraday working in the mines along with the other workers. What the hell?
  • Ben and Jack are at the funeral home to collect Locke's body. Ben tells Jack that the last 3 years "happened because you left". They make plans to collect Hurley, Sun, Kate, and Sayid as well. Then they have to go back to the island. Ben tells Jack what happened the day that he turned the wheel.
  • Daniel and the others in the Zodiac try to figure out what the light was. Sawyer and Juliet notice that they don't see the smoke from the burning freighter any more.
  • The survivors camp has mysteriously disappeared. Daniel gets Juliet to take him to "something manmade, a landmark". When Sawyer asks him where their camp went, Daniel tells them that "it hasn't been built yet."
  • Two men came to serve Kate with papers asking for samples of her, and Aaron's blood. She tells them to leave, and then promptly grabs a load of cash, Aaron, and leaves.
  • Daniel leads the group of survivors on a trip through the jungle towards the station. Sawyer demands that Daniel tell him what's going on. Daniel tells them that the island is skipping, like a record.
  • We jump back to Locke who is almost mowed down by a plane...the same one that he and Boon found way back in Season one or two. Locke tracks the plane to it's crash site, attempts to climb up to it and is shot in the leg by Ethan. Locke tries to convince Ethan not to kill him by claiming that Benjamin put him in charge. Before Ethan can react, the island jumps again.
  • Aaaaaand to Sun in an airport. She is taken to some sort of holding room where Whidmore meets her. He wonders what "common interests" that he and Sun might have. "To kill Benjamin Linus."
  • Jack and Ben see a TV broadcast which claims that Hurley has killed someone and escaped. Scene jumps to Hurley and Sayid getting food in a drive through. Hurley offers Sayid some. When Sayid refuses, Hurley exclaims "If you'd eat more comfort food you wouldn't have to go around shooting people." As Hurley and Sayid go to their hotel room, they're attacked. Sayid kills two men, Hurley is photographed holding a gun.
  • The group of travelers find the hatch, which is in it's exploded state. Sawyer and the others want to go back to the camp. Daniel tells them that they can't change what has already happened. Sawyer wonders how they can stop this from happening again. Daniel says that he can't stop it. When Saywer asks "who can", the scene shifts to Locke...interesting.
  • Locke is now back in the present/future where the plane is now on the ground. He still has a bullet wound from Ethan. He sees someone coming, hides, but it turns out to be Richard who helps him get the bullet out. Locke tells Richard that Ethan shot him, and Richard casually says "what goes around comes around." Richard tells Locke that the only way to save the island is to get the people back to the island, and that the only way to get them back is to die. The island jumps again, and we're back in the past, with the plane right above Locke's head.
  • The group waits by the hatch, then the island flashes again. The hatch is now back in it's unexploded state. Sawyer tries to get into the hatches back door, but Daniel tries to convince him that it won't work because "it didn't work."
  • While Daniel and the other head off to the beach Charlotte's nose starts to bleed. Daniel freaks out and references his journal.
  • Daniel knocks on the hatches door and it opens to reveal Desmond in some sort of hazmat suit. Daniel explains to him that he's the only one who can help them because he is unaffected by the island. Daniel tells him that when he remembers this memory to go to Oxford to see Daniel's mother.
  • Desmond wakes up next to Penny and tells her about his dream, no...his memory of Daniel. He walks out onto the deck of a yacht and tells Penny that they're leaving for Oxford.
  • The scene jumps to the ship which picked up the 6 Oceanic survivors where they're discussing their options, and the plan to lie to the world about the rest of the survivors. Hurley vows that someday the rest of them will need his help and they won't get it.
  • Back to Sayid and Hurley who is driving a car while Sayid is passed out. Hurley hits a newspaper stand and is pulled over by a cop. It's Anna Lucia...turns out that Hurley is having a vision. Anna Lucia tells him to get Sayid to a safe place, and to not get caught by the cops. "Oh, and Libby says 'Hi'."
  • Back to the beach and people are trying to do something, anything, to control what's happening to them. Daniel says that he needs to find out where in time they are so that they can try to leave the island. The rest of them forage for food and water.
  • Hurley buys some new clothes at a convenience store and leaves, just as Kate pulls into the same store.
  • Kate prepares to call Jack, but receives a call from an unknown caller, someone she apparently knows. She schedules a meeting with them.
  • Ben and Jack are packing, Ben tells Jack that he'll never be coming back, and that he'll be pick Jack up in 6 hours.
  • We cut to Hurley's Dad in the mansion just as Hurley walks in with Sayid over his shoulder. Hurley explains what has happened to him. Then the police show up, luckily they leave after Hurley's Dad talks to them. His Dad convinces Hurley that Sayid, who is passed out, needs a doctor.
  • Kate goes to a hotel where she meets Sun.
  • Ben is in a butcher shop, where he leaves Locke's body. The woman behind the counter appears to be more than just a butcher.
  • Back on the beach, Charlotte is complaining of a headache, and that she can't remember certain things. She thinks that Daniel knows what's happening. Just then Miles comes back with a boar. Neal (the useless one) can't stop yelling about not having fire, just as a flaming arrow nails him right in the chest. As if on queue the sky over the beach is filled with flaming arrows. Several people die, all of the survivors scatter.
  • Hurley is holed up in his mansion, his Dad wonders if he really is crazy. "Either you're crazy or you're lying to me". Hurley's mother walks in and asks "why is there a dead Pakistani on my sofa?"
  • Sun and Kate have tea, Kate wonders why Sun is in Los Angeles. They exchange pleasantries, then Sun asks Kate if she's okay. Kate reveals the visit from the men wanting a blood sample. Sun seems to be holding a grudge against Kate for not getting Jin off the boat with them, even though Sun claims that she doesn't.
  • Hurley's Dad brings Sayid to Jack. The father tells Jack to stay away from Hurley. Jack calls Ben and tells him that he has Sayid.
  • Hurley's mother demands that Hurley tell her the truth. Hugo cracks and tells her that they all lied about the crash and that they left a lot of people behind. She doesn't understand, but she seems to believe him.
  • Juliet and Sawyer escape from the beach into the jungle attempting to meet up with the rest of their group but are captured by people from Dharma (looks like they're in the past at this point).
  • Jack gets Sayid into the hospital and tends to the wounds that he suffered in the earlier attack. Sayid wakes up wondering what happened.
  • Hurley is heating up a hot pocket when Ben walks in. Hurley throws the hot pocket at Ben, who tells Hurley that Hurley needs to come with him back to the island. Hurley refuses and turns himself into the police staking out his house. He smiles as he watches Ben walk away.
  • The men holding Sawyer and Juliet are defeated by Locke.
  • We see a hooded woman writing calculations on a blackboard (Daniel's mother most likely). She appears to be monitoring "event windows" which, according the map she's looking at, are somewhere in the Atlantic. She goes to a sanctuary where she meets with Ben. They appear to be in cahoots. She tells Ben that he only has 70 hours to fix this problem.
  • Episode ends

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