Lost: Season 5, Episode 3

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Last week we got SOME explanations for things, but then of course we also got more questions.

Be warned, spoilers ahead.

  • Desmond running through a village yelling some random dude's name? Turns out the guy is a doctor and Desmond wants him to deliver Penny's baby? Wait. What the? We don't get a name for the baby right off, but the very next scene shows Desmond with a young boy of about two. Desmond, the child, and Penny are all on a boat heading towards Britain. They worry about running into Penny's Dad.
  • The remaining people who fled the beach are supposed to meet Sawyer at the creek. Charlotte, Daniel, Miles, and a handful of others. They walk into am ambush and only the first three remain alive. They're captured by a group of people dressed in a style similar to the man who almost captured Sawyer and Juliet. Who are they?
  • The scene shifts back to Des and Pen. Penny tries to convince Desmond to leave Britain, and forget trying to talk to Daniel's mother.
  • And, back to the beach where a woman questions Daniel about the "rest" of the survivors.
  • We flip to Sawyer Juliet, and Locke who have taken several men prisoner. They're trying to figure out who the men are, when one of the men says something. Juliet understands it as he is speaking Latin. When Locke asks her how it is they speak Latin, she replies..."for the same reason I do...they're Others." This must be part of the original group of Dharma assigned to the island in the 50s?
  • Daniel's group are taken to a encampment of tents in a clearing which looks very similar to what the "Others'" housing development will look like. Richard walks out of one of the tents looking the same, as always/
  • Desmond arrives at Oxford looking for Daniels mother only to be told that no one named Faraday has ever worked at the university. Desmond hunts around and finds Daniel's lab and breaks in...to find nothing but dust covered tools, and equipment. Des is found out by a janitor who tells him that the university wanted to forget about Daniel because of "what he did to that girl".
  • Charlotte's group is held in a tent and realizes that Richard's people think that they three of them are US military. Daniel convinces Richard that they're here to "recover the hydrogen bomb."
  • Sawyer, Locke and Juliet discover that Richard is in charge of the old Others. One of the men agrees to lead the three to his camp, then all of a sudden the other man leaps over and breaks the first man's neck, then runs off. Locke refuses to shoot him and the man escapes.
  • Desmond arrives at the house of Teresa Spencer, the "woman" spoken of by the Oxford janitor. Teresa is in a coma of sorts and Desmond finds out that Teresa's care is being funded by Charles Whidmore.
  • Daniel reiterates his feelings for Charlotte.
  • Locke, Juliet, and Sawyer track the escaped man back to the camp of tents. Locke, in typical fashion, decides to walk into the camp to "finish his conversation" with Richard.
  • A girl walks Daniel to the bomb, tell him she doesn't believe his story. Daniel examines the bomb and tells her that they need to bury the bomb. Tells her that everything will be fine because the island is still here in 50 years. That's right...believe me...I'm from the future.
  • Desmond bursts into Whidmore's office demanding to know where Faraday's mother is. Whidmore gives Desmond an address in Los Angeles, claiming it's the mother's. Whidmore wants to know if Penny is okay. Tells Desmond to "get out of this mess".
  • Locke calmly walks into camp yelling for Richard. The man who escaped from Locke holds a gun on him. When Richard asks who he is, Locke tells him...then adds that Jacob sent me. Richard tells the man "Whidmore, put the gun down!" Locke asks the man "Charles Whidmore?" What. The. Hell? So Whidmore has been to the island before...that makes more sense that he wants to come back...he knows what the island can do.
  • Desmond and Penny argue over whether Desmond will go to LA, and Penny and their son Charlie are going with him.
  • Locke shows Richard the compass given to him by...err...Richard, has a chat with him. We find out that the year is 1954. Richard doesn't believe Locke who suggested that Richard come visit him after he's born. This ties in with a scene a season or two ago where Richard visits John at a young age, shows him a series of items, and tells him to pick one of them.
  • Time flips, the remaining island group is reunited, then Charlotte gets a nose bleed and passes out.
  • Episode ends

Just some of the questions we have from this episode...discuss amongst yourselves.

  • Will Desmond and Penny make it to LA?
  • Where did the 1950s Others come from?
  • Why is Whidmore on the island with them?

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