New development releases: CFEclipse 1.3.4 and Eclipse 3.5

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This week the Eclipse team released Eclipse 3.5, code named Galileo. This release includes 3 new projects: Data Tools Platform, Eclipse Web Tools Platform Project, and Source Editing.

Additionally, the CFEclipse team announced the first new version of CFEclipse in what looks like almost a year, CFEclipse 1.3.4. New features in this release are

  • An updated CF8 Dictionary
  • Some mild updates to the parser
  • Mark occurrences of selected words (tag/variable/method/etc)
  • Integration with Eclipse's DocShare (optional)
  • Preference for modifying the browse url on unit tests to run unit tests
  • Other bugs...

Please join with me in congratulating both of these teams for their hard work on the part of the open source communities.

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