I'm speaking on the AIR API at the Nashville Flash Platform User Group on September 8th

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I'm a big fan of Adobe AIR. You might know this about me. My primary means of creating AIR applications uses HTML and JavaScript (it's just what I'm most familiar with). I've been wanting to get more into Flex lately and so I offered to speak at the Nashville Flash Platform User Group (what a mouthful) so that I could use it as an excuse to learn the Flex side of things.

Now I'm not a complete Flex newbie, but I'm definitely still learning lots of the basics. So this presentation isn't going to blow you away with my Flex skills. but what it is designed to do is to teach Flex developers how easy it is to leverage existing code and create desktop applications with Flex. Here's a brief overview of what I'll be covering, hope to see you there. If you're not able to make it, we plan on recording the session via Connect for you to watch at a later date.

  • What is AIR?
    • discuss the flash player
    • discuss webkit
    • discuss the sandbox
  • What sort of things are possible with AIR?
    • provide high level overview of capabilities
    • creating new windows
    • writing to the file system
    • direct access to sqlite databases
    • clipboard access
    • secure local store
    • system tray, and system tray menus
  • Provide practical examples (and code samples)
    • transparent windows
    • custom chrome
    • reading and writing to the file system
    • clipboard access
    • sqlite read/write
    • air updater
    • system tray, and system tray menus

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