A pure PC guy on the iPhone SDK, XCode, and Interface Builder

About 2 months ago, a friend of mine and I got into an animated discussion about iPhone development. Now I don't have one, but my manager Aaron West once called me the "most knowledgeable non-iPhone owner in the world". I follow the news, the announcements, and even watched the entire iPhone 3.0 OS coverage live. In multiple browser windows. Anyway, my friend has this idea for an iPhone application. The market is niche, but releasing it into the App Store could make both of us some money, plus it would help me gain valuable skills that are uber hot right now

You might remember from a previous blog post that I've got an Intel Mac Mini sitting on my desktop which is just perfect for XCode. I downloaded the SDK a few months back and have been playing with it ever since. I purchased a book (affiliate link) on the recommendation of Ben Nadel, and have also been walking through video tutorials from a website called iPhone Dev Central AND from Stanford University (available for free in iTunes). I've also been chatting on Twitter about iPhone development with a few ColdFusion guys, two of whom will be attending the upcoming cf.Objective() conference (at which I'll be speaking).

Finally, Sean Corfield made a blog post this morning about cf.Objective() having two remaining Birds of a Feather (or BoF as they're usually called) sessions slots open. It's sort of a 2 way conference session, more dialogue and discussion than presentation. I suggested an iPhone session and he's taken me up on the idea!

Fancy that...going from hating Macs (not more than 5 years ago), to participating in panel discussions about developing software for Apple hardware. Next thing you know I'll be one of the great turtleneck-wearing masses sporting Macbook Pros.

Well, let's not go that far...